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Specifically Designed for Online Nutrition Coaching

Whether you're just starting out with online nutrition coaching, trying to grow beyond 20 clients, or just want to save time so you can focus on creating content.

Any of These Sound Familiar?

“I want to spend more time getting my clients results and less time digging through email.”
Apotheo gives you a clean, functional dashboard that clearly displays everything you need to know about your coaching clients.

As soon as you log in you'll see how many clients are active in your program, how many check-ins you've received, who's late submitting their check-in, and client payment status, all in one place.
“I keep forgetting when payments expire, I must be losing a ton of money.”
You want to be a great coach. You also want to run a great business without having to check your PayPal account every day.

Apotheo's integrated billing system lets you see every client's payment status at a glance, and automatically reminds you when payments are about to expire. No more PayPal links or late cancellations.
“I get so much email from clients, it sucks logging on to 60 unread.”
The biggest time suck with online coaching is email, especially when you have a lot of clients.

With Apotheo, every single communication between you and your client is kept in one thread. We've even eliminated email from the sign-up and enrollment process - preload all of your marketing emails and stop cutting and pasting.
“I’m sick of searching through photos and measurements for every client.‘
Apotheo puts every single check-in a click away, and allows you to compare photos and measurements week by week.

It also makes it simple for your clients to track, which drastically increases compliance. Better compliance equals better results and better retention.
“My clients keep forgetting to send me check-ins, I hate having to chase them.”
Apotheo automatically sends your clients a reminder before their check-in is due, when it's already overdue, and much, much more.

You'll be reminded before a client's subscription is due to expire, when there's a problem with their payment method. Even when a client's birthday is coming up.
“I've already tried online coaching software, it didn't fit with my brand.”
You've worked hard to build a premium brand, you don't want your clients to have to log in to someone else's site for a cookie-cutter workout.

Apotheo uses your logos, your colors, and is completely integrated into your existing domain. Your clients have never even heard of Apotheo.
“I hate asking my clients to fill out so many different forms. I wish I had a better way.”
Stop making your clients click PayPal links, fill out five different online forms, and send you clunky spreadsheets.

Apotheo gives your clients a single, mobile friendly, interface where they can check their macro targets, message you, download training plans, and send you check-ins.

Some of Our Features

Application Tracking

Organize application forms and track who you've responded to.
Onboarding Forms

Pre-built signup forms capture everything you need from new clients.
Legal Agreements

Access signed legal agreements from each client's profile in one click.
Client Resources

Upload PDFs and reference materials to a central repository.
Habit Tracking

Have your clients track custom habits and easily monitor their adherence.
Fitbit Integration

Sync your client's tracked sleep and step data from their Fitbit fitness tracker.
Food Diary Syncing

Import your client's food diary from MyFitnessPal or MyMacros+.

Import tracked macros from MyFitnessPal or MyMacros+.
Integrated Billing

Built-in payment and subscription handling powered by Stripe.
Built-in Messaging

Handle all client communication with a built-in messaging system.

Your logo, your colors, and completely integrated into your existing domain.
Mobile Friendly

Macro targets, and progress tracking delivered via a mobile friendly interface.

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