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Save time. Help more clients. Grow your business.

"Rather than spending my time pulling up individual client folders and messing with pictures and documents, I can focus on actually coaching and delivering the best quality service to my clients. Apotheo has streamlined my business tremendously and saves me several hours every week. This has been worth every penny!"

Sohee Lee
Evidence Based Nutrition Coach

"With Apotheo you will lower your stress related to online coaching, free up more time to give higher quality service, and earn more each month without sacrificing the client experience. Now online coaching is actually fun again!"

Karey Northington
Online Coach, WBFF Pro

Specifically Designed for Online Nutrition Coaching

Whether you're just starting out with online nutrition coaching, trying to grow beyond 20 clients, or just want to save time so you can focus on creating content.

Just Starting Out

Getting your first nutrition coaching clients and need to make a good impression? Apotheo gives you the tools you need to run a professional online coaching business.

Looking to Grow

Already struggling to stay on top of 20 clients with email and spreadsheets? The efficiency of Apotheo lets you help more clients, grow your business, and stay sane.

Want to Save Time

Happy with the number of nutrition coaching clients you already have but want to free up more time to write content, or focus on your own training? Apotheo can help.

Some of Our Features

Your Brand

Use your logo and integrate Apotheo into your domain.

Flexible Macro Tracking

Assign macro, protein + calorie, or calorie targets, and sync from MyFitnessPal or MyMacros+

Habit Tracking

Assign clients individualized habits and easily track habit adherence.

Food Logs

Sync client food logs from MyFitnessPal or MyMacros+.

Built-in Reminders

Automated reminders make sure you never miss a check-in.

Fitbit Integration

Sync steps, sleep and resting heart rate from Fitbit.

Integrated Billing

Built in payment and subscription handling. Powered by Stripe.

Built-in Messaging

Handle all client communication with a built-in messaging system.

Mobile Friendly

Fully responsive, mobile friendly interface (app coming soon).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Apotheo cost?

Apotheo costs $10/month per active client. The fee is deducted automatically via Stripe when you receive payment from the client.

How does the billing system work?

Client payments are processed via Stripe. The billing system is tightly integrated - you do require a Stripe account in order to use Apotheo. You can check if Stripe is available in your country here - https://stripe.com/global.

Can Apotheo integrate with my website?

Yes, typically we set Apotheo up under your own domain (e.g. clients.yourdomain.com). If you don't have a domain yet, we'll use something.apotheo.com.

What trackers does Apotheo integrate with?

Your clients can sync macros and food diaries from MyMacros+ and MyFitnessPal. They can also sync steps, sleep, and resting heart rate from Fitbit.

How long is the free trial?

The free trial is 30 days. During that time you'll be able to add existing clients without prompting them for payment.

Does Apotheo have a training plan builder?

Apotheo does not have a training plan builder, however you can upload a training plan document, or link to a Google Sheet. The majority of coaches using Apotheo are nutrition focused.

What happens after the trial?

Once your trial ends you can continue to use everything you've already set up. Your clients will be required to submit their payments via Apotheo.

Is there a mobile app?

We're working on it :) Our iOS app is currently in beta.

30 Day Free Trial

Try Apotheo free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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